Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Zelena


Running through the trees, she was on his heels. Nothing was going to prevent her from stopping him dead in his tracks. She drew in a deep breath and forced the wind against his back. The sudden impact caused him to stumble. That was all she needed, a delay to give her the advantage. Zelena put one foot up on a boulder to raise her body into the air. With all of her strength, she catapulted between two large trees and landed directly on his strong, muscular shoulders. He fell face first to the ground. She drew her sword.

"You win, now get off me!"

Zelena smirked, "Say it out loud!"

He grunted.

"Not acceptable, I couldn't hear you!"

"Zelena is the best fighter amongst the warriors."

She lifted her weight off of him. He pushed himself up and looked at her, "Now, will you please give me my sword back?"

Zelena chuckled and sprinted away.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Yolanda


Another day has arrived. The car bounces over potholes. Multiple vehicles are tailgating one another in the mad dash to the office. Yolanda sits back refusing to participate in their hostility. A sweet voice transcends from the speakers singing words of peace. Everything in Yolanda's world is calm despite the chaos just outside her door.

The light is red; she waits. Angry drivers edge up to the line. Green; they all take off. Another impatient driver was darting through the end of it's yellow light at the wrong time. The red truck next to Yolanda caught  the brunt of the impact that slammed him into Yolanda. Chaos just entered her world.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Xavier


This is who I am. The closet confines me. Freedom to be whoever I want is my right. Many before me fought and died so that we can be free! I am thankful and will honor them with my life. Say what you may; I do not care. Ignorance is like a cancer eating away at your soul. One day it will consume you to the point of death.

Those us us that live and let live will be like a field of wild flowers growing alongside each other; diverse and beautiful!

Friday, April 26, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Wilson


Living a life that I did not choose is not fair. How would you like to be knocked around all day? Exactly, no one should be treated in this manner. The first hit was quite a shock followed by a quick rebound. I didn't know how to respond. Part of me wanted to revolt but I assumed this was my place and just flowed with it. Over and over, it continues to occur daily. What options do I have? No one understands. No one cares. They do not realize that I have feelings too.

Today, I have decided to stand up and do something about it. (Well, figuratively stand, if you know what I mean.) All Wilsons need to unite. There is strength in numbers! I challenge each one of you to refuse to roll with the swinging rackets from this day forward. Let's see how long it takes them to appreciate the abuse we take each and every day.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Vincent


She begged me to stop. Honestly, I knew that I would never quit. This is my life and she came into my world. Now, she must choose; me or daddy.

The lights flashing, guns waving, and back-up arriving pushed me into a corner. I was not willing to stay trapped. So, like a boss, I took control of the situation with my nine. Before he knew what hit him, metal was between his eyes. My bro picked up the goods off of the back of my Benz and we rolled.

An hour later, my girl calls screaming. Her dad died and she needed me. Without thinking, I raced to her side and held her in my arms as she cried. I hated seeing her like this. Her moms told her the hospital needed them to come id the body. Of course, I went with her and held her up as she buckled at the sight of his disfigured face. The reality grasped me like a fist squeezing my heart. One day, she will find out who did this. Will she still love me?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Ulysses


The moment has arrived. Now or never, he will change his future. Preparations were provided but Ulysses did not feel the urgency to plan ahead with his team. Now, he must face four hours of intense mental focus. Sitting in a chair behind a flat desk top, he grips his pencil and refuses to let regret overwhelm his thoughts. Time to conquer seventh grade math.

A to Z: Character Creations


Tom appears ordinary living in an upside down way. He views life from the perspective of high society although he lives in a box. Life is grande no matter what the weather because Tom knows no effect of sadness or anger. Everything is royalty. It is not where you live; it is how you live!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Sam


Everything is perfectly fine in his world of exploding toilets. He was not about to let a little unsanitary water upset his calm. Sam stood and folded his arms as he watched the water continue to overflow. Without any training in plumbing, all he could do was think, 'Make a plan and execute' until the water became populated. Then he put aside the calm and ran out of the small apartment restroom,

"Sam, where are you going?" his wife asked.

He did not stop. He did not answer. It didn't take her long to see the trail of water leaking out from under the restroom door. She walked in and turned off the water valve behind the toilet. Towels were then thrown to soak up the water. Finally, she picked up her cell phone and dialed Sam.

"All is clear, darling. The plumber is on his way."

Sam felt like God himself had intervened as his wife spoke. He took a deep breath and replied, "Would you like to go for Starbucks?"

A to Z: Character Creations; Roy


Roy was sitting in his camo hunting chair with his feet propped up on the ice chest. His larger than average friend stood by using redneck sign language to try and tell him to hang up. After finishing a six-pack, Roy knew he couldn't drive which meant there was nothing he could do. The guys were well ahead of Roy in partaking of the silver can. His hands were tied.

"She is gone! After I left the room, she left in her truck and sped away!"

"Honey, I am sure she will be fine."

"Roy! You don't understand. She was mad and I was mad. Next thing I know she is peeling out of the driveway. She even turned her phone off! What am I supposed to do?"

His baby girl was missing and angry. The wife of his dreams was losing it and all he could do was listen until sober enough to do something. This was not the guy's weekend that he had planned.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Quienella


Giving up everything was not an option because this day she was going to strike. All eyes are on Quienella. She stands tall and prepares to take her moment. Her eyes focus on the target. Tightening her grip, she swings back her right arm and maintains balance while stepping forward in a rhythmic motion. Her arm comes forward and she knows it is time to let go.

Never has she made it this far. The crowd gasps at the sound of impact. They watch the perfect direction and force as it slams into all ten pins. They fly in all directions. Quienella is not convinced until everything settles down. She did not want to prematurely celebrate victory again. Her breathing stops as she watches the last pin teeter back and forth, back and forth, handing her a victory as it falls to the side.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Patricia


She needs to convince the police that she is not a liar.

"I did not make that FaceBook. Look up where it originated from. I know you guys have tech people who can figure that out."

The police officer looked down at his forms. "Ma'am it says here that you approached Chris at his high school. Why would you do that?"

Patricia contemplated this question. If she admits to approaching him, then she admits to it all. "I did not approach him, officer. Why would a middle aged mother who works full time and has a family waste time chasing her daughter's ex-boyfriend?"

"Patricia, lets get real. We have multiple witnesses and numerous locations where you followed and approached Chris. Now, quit wasting my time and lets get to the bottom of this. What are you hoping to accomplish?"

She sat there stiff in the uncomfortable chair. All she wanted was for her daughter to be happier than she is. Chris was a great boyfriend. They were so in love until he broke her heart. As any protective mother would do, she demanded an explanation and planned to follow him, harass him, and threaten him until he changed his mind.

"Officer, I assure you; I have no ulterior motives. What you see is what you get. For some reason, this boy wants to hurt me by lying. I am innocent."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Olive


The decor is not what she had imagined. Her roommate was above average in size and strength. Depending on self control to avoid another outburst, she tried to relax and act like she was enjoying it. What other option did she have? It is amazing what one can endure to survive.

She stared at the black iron cylinders until it was over. The roommate was satisfied. She wanted to close her eyes and wake up six months previous in her nice suburban lifestyle with her annoying husband and demanding children. Time cannot be rewound. What is done, is done.

Breakfast alarms sounded. Everyone, including Olive, stood and exited their rooms. In a single file line, they got their trays. A new day has begun.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Naomi


I love them and hold them as they take their last, weeping breath. It is not fair that they have to die. Life is so much more; if only they had lived it without harming others. Rapists, con-artists, hookers, you name it; they have died in my arms.

It is not an easy job but it provides job security. The only condition; they must deserve the death penalty. I won't take out just anyone. Disgruntled wives or angry employees, I turn away because their reasons are emotional. Sometimes people need to grow up and get over it.

Then there are the offenders of the seven sins. Punishment is death. I do not make the rules; I just enforce them. One by one, I watch them and wait. The locations are not what you would expect. My current offender is just leaving his weekly Bible study. Then he goes to his appointment with her. Finally, he goes home to his loving family but not tonight.

I wait for him in the roach infested room after listening to the late Tiffany, God rest her soul, assure him that Naomi will rock his world.

Casually, he strolls in with his chest bowed out, "Tiffany said you are better than she could ever hope to be."

Naomi chuckles, "Come closer and we will find out."

Monday, April 15, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Meaghan


Is love worth losing your life? She sat on the end of her bed with stage make up melting off of her face. Tears washed away the eye liner from its original position and created a river of black down her cheek.

The performance was amazing. Every move was perfectly executed. She was the star in a theatrical production watched by an audience of thousands. Yet here she sat, grieving her crumbling life. He was everything but played her like nothing. She was a fool.

What better way to end the show than with the suicide of a scorned lover. The audience would love that! She opened her laptop and fixed the webcam. Now, she was live in front of her audience. She thanked them all for their unsolicited attention over the last few months.

Then she gave proper accolades to her leading man, "Jason, you were so good to befriend the new girl and lure her to fall in love with you. Your videos of those intimate moments are amazing. Maybe one day you and all of your minions will be famous but my time is done here. Thank you Canter High School for being such a loyal audience! Break a leg!"

The gun shot rang through the house. Footsteps sped down the hall. The door opened a mother's inconsolable screams.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Landon


The floor creaked with each step as he approached her room. Unsure of her reaction, he mentally prepared for the worst. Physically, he had on extra layers of clothing to absorb any impacts. He could hear her laughing at her television show. That was a good sign.

Gently, he knocked on the door. The laughter stopped, "What do you want?" she shouted.

"May I enter?"

"Whatever you want. I live just for you."

Upon opening, he saw her under the afghan in her usual spot. Smoke rose from the tray next to her. The newspaper was spread out on her bed. Three cats were at her feet. He wondered where the fourth one was hiding.

"May I have your permission to go to the park with my friends?" he squirmed.

Bellowing laughter rolled from her chubby cheeks, "You have friends? That is the funniest thing I have heard all day!"

He didn't react. Over the years, he had grown numb to her insults. He was tired of living under her control but she was his mother. What choice does he have? She needs him.

"I will return with groceries," he bargained.

"And more cigs?"


"Don't take long. I need my bed sores treated."

He nodded and backed out of the room silently. He left the house on his bike. As the wind ran through his hair, he felt free. Part of him wanted to keep going; forever away from her but he was a good man. He loved his mother. For thirty years, he has remained loyal despite her antics. What would thirty more hurt?

Friday, April 12, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Kaylee


Which does she love more; the boy or the Black Tie Mousse? This had never happened to Kaylee before. Sharing her dessert was a travesty. No one ever dared to ask for a bite unless they wanted to feel physical pain. This girl loves her chocolate and nothing, absolutely nothing, came between them until this moment. The boy she had grown to adore sat across from her asking for a fatal taste.

She considered the situation as she looked into his intoxicating brown eyes. The normal fury melted into his smile. Suddenly, she did not feel protective of her Black Tie Mousse. In fact, she felt like sharing. Kaylee was in an emotional crisis.

A smile came across her face. She dipped her fork into the layers of chocolate mousse and fudge. Lifting it up into the air between them, she paused. Without another thought, she put it in her mouth.

"Sorry, this is all mine."

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Jana


His eyes communicate his intent; to devour me. How can I blame a starving wild animal like him for attacking a lonely hiker in the woods? It was my decision to enter his territory and now all I can do is hope for the best.

All of my training confirmed two things: do not make eye contact and slowly back away. Today was different. The beast had no intention of letting me get away. He was in predator mode and I was the prey. Fight or run were my two options. Considering I cannot run a mile in ten minutes, my options for survival were diminishing. My perspective changed as my entire body tensed; preparing to fight.

To my left, I saw a broken tree branch. My first move; leap behind the tree and arm myself with the branch. As I shifted, the mountain lion changed his position; preparing to strike. There was no time for my life to flash before my eyes. With a desire to survive, I took the leap. The mountain lion responded with super hero speed in my direction. He pounced and landed on top of my shoulder and we crashed to the ground. His teeth sank into my neck. Claws curled into my back and legs. Unable to fight, face in the dirt, life fading; this was the end. Despite all of my good intentions in life, death was upon me before I was ready to leave my world.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Isabelle


In order to face the truth, I have to accept a lie. It is impossible to be something that you are not. I am an athlete. Nothing will ever change that.

They walk around me all day saying, "Poor girl. She was so talented. How did she survive?" Trust me, if I could scream right now, I would. My Mom is the only one who understands. Her presence soothes me. When she is here, I know everything will be fine.

I am not sure why I can't wake up. My thoughts desire true consciousness but my body will not cooperate. I lie here and run through my routine; perfecting every tumble and pass so that next time, there will be no mistakes.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Huriel


"I can get with any girl out here," Huriel gloated.

"Except for that one," Cody pointed to a tall blonde standing in line at the water slide.

Huriel didn't respond with words. He shot Cody a 'We'll see about that' look and began to wade out of the pool toward his target. The cement was scorching but Huriel strutted confidently with his pecs flexed and head high. Water dripped off of his tan skin that covered his muscular angles. Average girls stared, but they were of no concern to Huriel. He walked passed everyone in line and approached the blonde.

"Thanks for saving my place," he said nonchalantly as he straightened his shorts flexing every muscle in his body.

She dropped her eyebrows and cocked her hips,"Your place in line is back there!"

He admired her body as she pointed for him to go to the end of the line. This was his type of girl and he was prepared for a challenge.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were Tiffany. My mistake." He stuck out his chest, "I am Huriel but everyone calls me Cookie."

The girl broke a smile and Huriel knew the victory was his.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Thank you to http://viewsofanoptimist.blogspot.com/ for this Liebster Award! 
I am honored to be a part of this prestigious group.

Eleven Facts about me:

1. I married my high school sweetheart!
2. I have two teenagers and one Chihuahua.
3. I love chocolate!
4. This fall my first novel, One Prince; Two Kingdoms, will be released. Woohoo!!!
5. I am a seventh grade Science teacher.
6. Love to hike!
7. Enjoy thinking of and creating the unknown in my writing.
8. I want to visit every state in the US.
9. I want to visit every country!
10. I was a foster parent for 4 years until my heart could not take any more loss. (I still have all 8 of my foster kids’ pictures in my living room!)
11. Love reading thrillers, fantasy, paranormal, Sci-Fi, and romance.

My answers to the 11 questions from http://viewsofanoptimist.blogspot.com

1.      Comedy, Reality TV, or Drama? Reality TV!

2.      Cat or dog? Dog (allergic to cats)

3.      Hilltop or valley bottom? Hilltop views rock!

4.      Coffee or tea? Texas Sweet Tea (My son makes the BEST with over 2 cups of sugar. I know it’s unhealthy but it is good.)

5.      Do you have an artistic routine?  Ie: do you create an outline or scratch illustration first? First, imagine it. Second, start an outline by writing down thoughts in order. Last, I start writing by putting myself into the POV of the main character. Oh yeah, then I edit. Yuck

6.      How long have you been pursuing this artistic venue? 5 months

7.      Is this your first Liebster Award?  Yes!!!

8.      How many blogging sites do you typically participate with? I just started and still haven't learned the ropes yet. I am following a lot and trying to participate. 

9.      What was the impetus to pursue writing/photography/prose? (I have always written better than I could speak.) My family decided to foster a few years ago. Our first sibling group was removed from a volatile gang area out of Dallas, Texas and placed in our home. Every night, the little boy and girl would have horrible nightmares of abuse and murder. They would scream and I would run to console them. Knowing how effective the imagination is, I started writing them a bedtime story about an imaginary world where their foster parents, the Grissom's, were powerful celestials sent to foster/protect them. In this world, there is dark and light kingdoms battling for their foster brother, Johnny Boggs, to be their Prince. Every night, we would cuddle up in the hallway for story time and read about Johnny Boggs. My foster kids' nightmares ceased as the story grew and grew until becoming my first complete YA novel; One Prince; Two Kingdoms

10.  Which artistic venue is your second choice? Singing

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Gina


 Love overwhelmed her; Gina never knew how much a grandmother could love her grandchild. All she wanted to do was sit and rock this baby to sleep every night but she didn't want to be an imposition to the new family. Instead, she would watch from afar as her grandchild grew a little more each day.

 Gina did not understand why her son paid no attention to her. All she needed was his invitation to comfort the crying baby and she could help relieve the nighttime colic. Late one evening, after watching the family struggle to calm the baby, Gina decided to offer her unsolicited support. The baby had been crying for over an hour. The mother was exhausted and her son was irritable. Gina entered the house and went straight to the nursery. The lights flickered.

 The baby’s mother asked Gina's son, "Did you see that?"

 "Yes, dear, I am sure it is just the wind," he grunted.

 The baby’s mother accepted his explanation for the lights and left the nursery to warm another bottle. Gina moved over to her son, expecting him to acknowledge her presence. He overlooked her as he bounced the crying baby. Gina refused to allow him to disregard her again. Rage began to fill her soul. The lights flickered. As every bulb in the nursery began to shatter, her son ran out of the room and down the hall with the baby.

Gina followed.

 The walls rattled causing a photograph of Gina to fall to the floor. Her rage melted into remorse. She wasn't ready to admit that she was causing the family more distress than peace. All she wanted was to be a part of her family again.  Silently, she withdrew from the home, accepting that she would have to love them from afar; until tomorrow.

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Fred


At first, today was a normal day. Fred picked the kids up and asked them how school went. Then he took them to the local community park for some fun before homework and dinner. He was pushing the oldest on the swing while simultaneously watching the younger two play in the sand box.

His phone rang.

He looked away for a moment to see who was calling. The swing creaked with each rise and fall. Children laughed and screamed from all directions. Fred looked back to the sand box and visually located the middle child but the youngest was not there. Refusing to panic, Fred looked around for his stray child while continuing to calmly swing the oldest.

 With each passing second, Fred's heart rate increased. He quit pushing the swing and spun around in all directions; calling out, "Jennifer!" He asked the oldest if she knew where her sister, Jennifer, was. Anxiety pushed him to begin questioning every nearby mom and child while pulling his two remaining kids alongside. A fellow PTA mom noticed the hysterical father and offered assistance.

 "She was right here! I just looked away for literally one second!"

Friday, April 5, 2013

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A to Z: Character Creations; Elijah


'To become the leader, I must give up my soul?' Elijah contemplated. Power does not come with weakness. Elijah was determined to find another way. He paced the floor in front of the dragon. Eyes were all upon him awaiting his decision. His feet stopped and he looked up at the throne, "Almighty Lucifer, you are offering me a position of highest ranks if I give you my soul?"

Lucifer nodded. Elijah could hear the sprites and minions growing anxious around him like animals waiting to feed. In his time here, he knew exactly what they were salivating for. His options did not provide much diversity. Elijah could give up his soul for power or give up his power to keep his soul; eternal sovereignty or eternal suffering. Elijah lived his earthly life to the fullest which brought him to this unfortunate place. Now, he has to choose: remain in torment or return in power?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Dylan


How is a boy to win if his mother keeps interrupting him? Dylan was using all of his energy to be silent and perfectly still underneath his bed for the last twenty seconds. He did not have anymore willpower on reserve. The monster across the room in his closet was breathing deeply. An ogre clomped up the hallway toward his room. Battle would ensue at any moment. The three connecting worlds with creatures unimaginable would arm their warriors and run for the victory on the tan throne in the mainland. Once victorious, the remaining kingdoms would have to serve the victorious King Dylan and his subjects a feast!

Before the approaching ogre could choose which kingdom to attack first, the voice of the omnipotent witch rang down through the kingdoms, "Boys, lunch is ready!"

Creatures disappeared. The ogre ran off through the mainland to the kitchen. King Dylan army crawled out from under his bed and accepted defeat by the witch.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Cody


The boat swayed with each wave reaching the limits of its buoyancy. Cody refused to let the approaching storm deter him from reeling in the biggest catch of the tournament. His high school sponsor could see that Cody was fatiguing and time was running out. He encouraged Cody to let this one go.

"No, he is mine!"

As soon as the words left Cody's mouth, his teammate yelled, "I've got one!"

The sponsor turned to see Colton's rod bowing toward the water with each turn of the reel. Cody continued to fight as Colton began his struggle. Everything in him wanted to turn and inspect what Colton had hooked but Cody knew he couldn't take his focus off of his catch.

Cody yearned to be the first to land a trophy fish. He turned the reel faster until his arm was about to collapse. The sponsor was scooping Colton's average fish into a net as Cody turned his reel for the final time. A massive fish flew in the air and waved at Cody as he flipped on his side and crashed back into the water.

Cody's rod was motionless. He looked and could see the string dangling from the end. Rage flooded his mind but Cody refused to let it control him. He turned and sat back on the cushioned seat, holding his disappointment in his hands. The sponsor neglected to notice Cody's loss and Cody didn't say a word. The entire ride to shore, he quietly outlined day two of the tournament while Colton triumphed over his big catch and relentlessly teased Cody about the big one that got away.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Brandy


Brandy stood on stage gloating because her self photograph won first place but not for its assumed beauty. The announcer introduced the judge who stood in front of her photograph that was displayed for all to see and began to critique, "This authentic image captures the prideful emotion of the photographed young woman. If she could speak, I hear her boasting that she must be vigilant to evade abduction on account of her enticing beauty. Her posture communicates an indifference to the fact that her undesirable personality would quickly produce an uninhibited liberation to alleviate the kidnappers of her distasteful arrogance."

Brandy's face remains in perfect pageant mode with an enduring smile to obscure her outrage. The judge continued, "This photograph vividly emits an overconfident connotation. In unpretentious terms, we all love to hate her. Congratulations, Brandy, well done as both photographer and model!" The judge stepped back to his place and led the audience in a round of applause. Brandy continued portraying gratitude despite her heavy humiliation as she stepped forward to accept the first place prize, an over-sized check representing an $1,000.00 college scholarship.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Ana


No daughter should fear her father this way. Panic causes her pulse to race. Carefully she pushes to the back of her clothes and curls up behind her Barbie Doll's Playhouse.

The whispers haunt her, "Ana, Ana, it is our special time. Where are you?"

Ana's entire body freezes as he approaches the closet. The door opens, the light hits the hem of her Winnie the Pooh nightgown, but to her relief; he is distracted by a voice calling for him. In that moment, Ana wants to stay right where she is forever alone and safe. The only alternative is to come out of the closet and face the consequences.