Monday, April 8, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Gina


 Love overwhelmed her; Gina never knew how much a grandmother could love her grandchild. All she wanted to do was sit and rock this baby to sleep every night but she didn't want to be an imposition to the new family. Instead, she would watch from afar as her grandchild grew a little more each day.

 Gina did not understand why her son paid no attention to her. All she needed was his invitation to comfort the crying baby and she could help relieve the nighttime colic. Late one evening, after watching the family struggle to calm the baby, Gina decided to offer her unsolicited support. The baby had been crying for over an hour. The mother was exhausted and her son was irritable. Gina entered the house and went straight to the nursery. The lights flickered.

 The baby’s mother asked Gina's son, "Did you see that?"

 "Yes, dear, I am sure it is just the wind," he grunted.

 The baby’s mother accepted his explanation for the lights and left the nursery to warm another bottle. Gina moved over to her son, expecting him to acknowledge her presence. He overlooked her as he bounced the crying baby. Gina refused to allow him to disregard her again. Rage began to fill her soul. The lights flickered. As every bulb in the nursery began to shatter, her son ran out of the room and down the hall with the baby.

Gina followed.

 The walls rattled causing a photograph of Gina to fall to the floor. Her rage melted into remorse. She wasn't ready to admit that she was causing the family more distress than peace. All she wanted was to be a part of her family again.  Silently, she withdrew from the home, accepting that she would have to love them from afar; until tomorrow.


  1. I like the posts for the challenge. Clever and a good way to develop your characters.

    Shirletta @ Shirleyisnotmyname

  2. Excellent post - I love the implied, but never delivered ending. Nice character development in such short prose!

  3. Very nice post. So bittersweet... :-)