Friday, April 26, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Wilson


Living a life that I did not choose is not fair. How would you like to be knocked around all day? Exactly, no one should be treated in this manner. The first hit was quite a shock followed by a quick rebound. I didn't know how to respond. Part of me wanted to revolt but I assumed this was my place and just flowed with it. Over and over, it continues to occur daily. What options do I have? No one understands. No one cares. They do not realize that I have feelings too.

Today, I have decided to stand up and do something about it. (Well, figuratively stand, if you know what I mean.) All Wilsons need to unite. There is strength in numbers! I challenge each one of you to refuse to roll with the swinging rackets from this day forward. Let's see how long it takes them to appreciate the abuse we take each and every day.