Thursday, April 4, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Dylan


How is a boy to win if his mother keeps interrupting him? Dylan was using all of his energy to be silent and perfectly still underneath his bed for the last twenty seconds. He did not have anymore willpower on reserve. The monster across the room in his closet was breathing deeply. An ogre clomped up the hallway toward his room. Battle would ensue at any moment. The three connecting worlds with creatures unimaginable would arm their warriors and run for the victory on the tan throne in the mainland. Once victorious, the remaining kingdoms would have to serve the victorious King Dylan and his subjects a feast!

Before the approaching ogre could choose which kingdom to attack first, the voice of the omnipotent witch rang down through the kingdoms, "Boys, lunch is ready!"

Creatures disappeared. The ogre ran off through the mainland to the kitchen. King Dylan army crawled out from under his bed and accepted defeat by the witch.


  1. Presumably this is an excerpt rather than flash fiction? If it isn't part of a longer story then it needs to be!

  2. A excellent tale of a small boys imagination! Very enjoyable. :)