Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Naomi


I love them and hold them as they take their last, weeping breath. It is not fair that they have to die. Life is so much more; if only they had lived it without harming others. Rapists, con-artists, hookers, you name it; they have died in my arms.

It is not an easy job but it provides job security. The only condition; they must deserve the death penalty. I won't take out just anyone. Disgruntled wives or angry employees, I turn away because their reasons are emotional. Sometimes people need to grow up and get over it.

Then there are the offenders of the seven sins. Punishment is death. I do not make the rules; I just enforce them. One by one, I watch them and wait. The locations are not what you would expect. My current offender is just leaving his weekly Bible study. Then he goes to his appointment with her. Finally, he goes home to his loving family but not tonight.

I wait for him in the roach infested room after listening to the late Tiffany, God rest her soul, assure him that Naomi will rock his world.

Casually, he strolls in with his chest bowed out, "Tiffany said you are better than she could ever hope to be."

Naomi chuckles, "Come closer and we will find out."

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  1. Another nice dark spin. I like the predator/executioner angle you took with Naomi. Great N day post! :)