Friday, April 12, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Kaylee


Which does she love more; the boy or the Black Tie Mousse? This had never happened to Kaylee before. Sharing her dessert was a travesty. No one ever dared to ask for a bite unless they wanted to feel physical pain. This girl loves her chocolate and nothing, absolutely nothing, came between them until this moment. The boy she had grown to adore sat across from her asking for a fatal taste.

She considered the situation as she looked into his intoxicating brown eyes. The normal fury melted into his smile. Suddenly, she did not feel protective of her Black Tie Mousse. In fact, she felt like sharing. Kaylee was in an emotional crisis.

A smile came across her face. She dipped her fork into the layers of chocolate mousse and fudge. Lifting it up into the air between them, she paused. Without another thought, she put it in her mouth.

"Sorry, this is all mine."


  1. The chocolate or the chocolate colored eyes...what a hard choice to make!

    Chontali Kirk

  2. This was great - I'm still chuckling!! :)