Sunday, April 21, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Roy


Roy was sitting in his camo hunting chair with his feet propped up on the ice chest. His larger than average friend stood by using redneck sign language to try and tell him to hang up. After finishing a six-pack, Roy knew he couldn't drive which meant there was nothing he could do. The guys were well ahead of Roy in partaking of the silver can. His hands were tied.

"She is gone! After I left the room, she left in her truck and sped away!"

"Honey, I am sure she will be fine."

"Roy! You don't understand. She was mad and I was mad. Next thing I know she is peeling out of the driveway. She even turned her phone off! What am I supposed to do?"

His baby girl was missing and angry. The wife of his dreams was losing it and all he could do was listen until sober enough to do something. This was not the guy's weekend that he had planned.

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