Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Brandy


Brandy stood on stage gloating because her self photograph won first place but not for its assumed beauty. The announcer introduced the judge who stood in front of her photograph that was displayed for all to see and began to critique, "This authentic image captures the prideful emotion of the photographed young woman. If she could speak, I hear her boasting that she must be vigilant to evade abduction on account of her enticing beauty. Her posture communicates an indifference to the fact that her undesirable personality would quickly produce an uninhibited liberation to alleviate the kidnappers of her distasteful arrogance."

Brandy's face remains in perfect pageant mode with an enduring smile to obscure her outrage. The judge continued, "This photograph vividly emits an overconfident connotation. In unpretentious terms, we all love to hate her. Congratulations, Brandy, well done as both photographer and model!" The judge stepped back to his place and led the audience in a round of applause. Brandy continued portraying gratitude despite her heavy humiliation as she stepped forward to accept the first place prize, an over-sized check representing an $1,000.00 college scholarship.


  1. That was brutal for $1,000.
    Bravo for Brandy. Someone elses opinion of her does not make her that. Many assume that pretty people are arrogant. Not true. Physical beauty is fleeting. When she is older and less desirable she will have an education which will continue to help her through life.

  2. Another excellent post. Very tight, extremely effective, and enjoyable to read. You can feel the indignation and anger rolling off Brandy; and the pompous indifference of the judge as he delivers his critique. Very nicely done. :)

  3. Nice sketch! At least her name wasn't spelled Brandi.

  4. ouch! like gma said, it's brutal - to make one stand out there and skin the person to the guise of praise. Nicely played.

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