Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Twitter Toddler Steps

10 Twitter Toddler Steps

(Okay, it is tomorrow in my world.) Now that you have the basics down, lets talk about hashtags.

1. The bottom button (on your Iphone App) that looks like a pound sign, is the Discover icon. Push it - really - now... You should see a bunch of posts from popular twits that you probably don't follow. These are the tweets that are trending aka most tweeted about.

2. Scroll up to the top and find the word Trends and click on it. This will show you the top ten trending topics. Now go exploring. You will find conversations or meetings about writing, editing, reading, singing, etc. Some meet once a week at the same time to discuss a new topic. You are invited. Just join in...

3. When replying to a hashtag conversation you must include the #topic or it wont include you in the conversation. It is like a secret code... Example:

#1P2K Meet Johnny, ask him anything you want to know!      ----- This is an example of a conversation.

Now you attempt to reply:

Hi Johnny. Who are you and what is 1P2K?     ---- FAIL you forgot the secret code #1P2K

Hi Johnny. Who are you and what is #1P2K?     ---- GENIUS you are part of the hashtag party!

(By the way #1P2K meets every Thursday night at 8pm Texas time! Meet Johnny this week!)

4. Start your own # conversation. It is simple; pick a catchy #, start meeting same day and time, tweet reminders. It will be slow at first but try, try again! Soon, you will have a few people discussing topics with you!

5. Now that you are meeting people and being social, how do you get more followers? The old fashioned way; one at a time. Do not fall for the "Follow me and get 1000 new followers" gimic. These "followers" are not real. Click on their face and look at their profile... No tweets = NOT REAL No followers = NOT REAL Stay away from the fake birds!!!

6. To find new, real birds that you have something in common with, try piggy-backing. Find someone or something you like (ME @janagrissom) and click on my followers. Now, start clicking on faces and seeing who looks interesting and follow them.

*HINT- If they follow more people than are following them, then they ARE likely to follow back; WINNER
*WARNING- there are some who only follow a couple yet have thousands of followers. I consider these Twitter snobs. Don't bother following them; they are not friendly birds.

7. Stay out of Twitter Jail. If you follow too many people too fast, then Twitter will suspend you without even saying sorry.(I think they added a new feature to warn you and make you agree to stop aggressive following because my son had this happen recently. At least they warned him instead of instant excommunitweetion!) So, take your time and don't follow 100 new people in less than 5 minutes. LOL

8. If you have been cut off... Go to the Twitter website and beg for forgiveness.

9. DM = Direct Message On your home screen, these are found by touching the envelope on the upper right side. You can reply but with only 140 characters!

10. If you receive an off color DM that you do not like, at all, then touch their face (not the words). It will take you to their profile. Now touch the icon that looks like a shadow of a person that is located on the left top. Push it and choose BLOCK. Then push it again and REPORT SPAM!!! If someone is trying to solicit sex, sell stuff, or get you to do something you don't like; report them. Otherwise Twitter will be taken over and our fun, social aspect is ruined.

Okay, you are off to a pretty good flight. You may still teeter here and there but don't quit! The point is to have fun and meet wonderful peeps all across the planet! I know I have! Tomorrow (remember we are on my calendar...) I will post: 10 "I Already Know It All" Twitter Teen Steps

Tweet ya later!

Honestly, I have made some friends on Twitter that I would consider "best friends"! I am sure we would be too! Follow me @janagrissom
You should also follow: @Kaylee1P2K, @Rah1P2K, @JohnnyBoggs1P2K, @Danielle1P2K, @Shay1P2K, @CodyGrissom1P2K, @GongleShanks, @WendelSparsett, @KaraJarina, @Grimnian, @andj7871, @JanineLexx

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Twitter Baby Steps

10 Twitter Baby Steps

1. Join Twitter (Be brave; you know you wanna!)

2. To tweet; look for the square with a feather sticking out of it. Push it! Now, type no more than 140 characters. (This goes quick! It will teach ya to be a lot less winded...)

3. Now try the magnifying glass...this allows you to search for people or favorite tv shows, radio peeps, sasquatch, the list of tweeters is endless! (Follow me @janagrissom!)

4. Start slow... follow 10 to 20 people until you start to get comfortable sending tweets. If you get stuck; hit the back arrow at the top left of your phone app.

5. Have manners - Say thank you when someone follows you.

6. If you like what someone tweets and a funny or complimentary comment comes to mind; hit the arrow below the tweet on the left side. This is the reply icon. Now write the best 140 characters and tweet. REMEMBER: This is a social network! Be social.

7. RT means re-tweet. If someone writes this on their tweet, then they want you to hit that little square arrow icon at the bottom of their tweet. Then you choose retweet for it to repost on your Twitter OR you can quote it, which allows your name to be the sender with the tweet attached.

8. The Star below a tweet means "favorite". This will file all your favorites on your main page for later reference. Plus others can see what you like. (I LIKE CHOCOLATE)

9. The house is home. This is where you can see what everyone you are following has to say. It only shows current tweets. If you want to see more of what someone said, just click on their face. Seriously, that will take you to their page. If you click the words; it just opens the tweet to full screen.

10. The @ icon is where you can see who has followed you and read any replies or tweets sent directly to you. This is where you can get social. Reply back, thank people, favorite stuff that makes you laugh or cry. These little tweets came from a real bird, you know! And everyone knows birds have feelings! Be a friend, make a friend!

Now, my little birds, it is time for you to fly! Spread your wings and go make some cool friends from all over the world! Tomorrow; 10 Twitter Toddler Steps... hashtags are your friend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Make a Novel a Reality

How to Make a Novel a Reality

1. Write it! (no brainer, just do it, now)

2. Edit (Yay! This step bites...)

3. Have your Mom read it and tell you it is the best book ever written.

4. Have a real critic read it and give feedback.

5. Edit some more...

6. Start sending queries (At least 8 at a time. My first try, I sent ONE and actually got a contract!)

7. Wait

8. Wait some more (File your nails, get a massage, eat chocolate, read, read...)

9. Sign with a publisher or self publish (SCORE!)

10. Start the process all over again...

And this, my dear friends, is where I am at. My publisher is editing and I am waiting. The release of my YA, One Prince; Two Kingdoms, is set for some time this fall. In the meantime, I am creating websites, Facebook pages, and twitters to build a platform. (Tomorrow I will post 10 easy steps to Twitter.) Feel free to email me at with any questions. I claim to know NOTHING...

Until then, I promise to update the steps once my book is in print. I am sure you will hear me squealing from afar! Good luck to you all in the brave endeavor of A Novel Reality!

*Check out my brand new website:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday; Thank You Mom

Birthdays come and go. Each year we celebrate the arrival of life. In our celebration, we tend to forget about the mother. How do you think this child arrived alive and well?

A mother sacrifices from the moment of conception. Beginning with hormonal and physical changes, mothers spend nine months carefully selecting foods that are healthy and taking vitamins to ensure proper nutrition for their growing child. The day of arrival, the new mommy suffers extreme pain that ends with a happy cry as she looks into the eyes of her precious child. She disregards all of the previous pains because of the instant love that forms upon holding her baby.

Toddler years are challenging, but moms look at that tiny genius and fall in love with every sound and mess they make. School years begin, mommies join the PTA and attend every event with their extremely talented child. Adolescent years too quickly arrive, challenging the mother's love as they roll their eyes and find their voice. A mother's heart is hurt over and over but she never stops loving her child. High school graduation miraculously occurs. Moms sit side by side, watching proudly as their child crosses the stage and enters a new chapter in life.

College or not, mothers struggle with letting their child go. They are no longer living in their mother's  arms. The child is independent and finding their own way in life; learning to fly. Moms proudly stand by, ready to catch them if they fall. All this time, the child doesn't see their presence or support. They take for granted the undying love given freely without compensation. Mothers give and give without expecting anything in return.

One day, their child marries and grandchildren arrive. The cycle that began with one beautiful baby continues. That mother is now a grandmother and will never regret all of the sacrifices and pain. She will do her best to provide her children and grandchildren with the best life possible as she puts her desires to the side. Each year, she will celebrate their grand entry to this world without expecting any acknowledgement for her contribution to this life. She will smile and sing, bearing gifts once again. Will this child ever realize she has already given you everything?

On your next birthday, thank your Mom for all she had done and will continue doing to make sure you, her precious child, learns to fly.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who are you?


The state of remaining the same.

Who are you?

Not such an easy question. As I contemplate who I am, I realize that many parts continue to change as I age. Then I begin to wonder if there is any part deep inside of me that remains the same. Looking back into my childhood through adulthood, I have always loved to sing, teach, and write. I would always talk to anyone about anything. Naive to the point of injury. I loved deeply and felt every pain those around me suffered from. Giving comes naturally. I always search for the easy way and love to learn something new. I abhor bullying and violence. I am intrigued by the unseen.

None of these things are outward characteristics  Our hair changes, our bodies change (O MY!), our finances change, our careers change, everything on the exterior changes throughout time. What remains the same is what is on the inside. That is who we are! Stop looking at the magazine photos and seeking fame to find who you want to be! Look inside and review who you truly are. You just might like you!

*Remember; if you can change it, then it is not who you are! For example: I can change my weight but I cannot change that I LOVE chocolate. I can change my feelings but I cannot change that I feel the pain of those around me. I can change my career but I cannot change my love of writing.

Change what you can and cherish who you are!