Monday, April 15, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Meaghan


Is love worth losing your life? She sat on the end of her bed with stage make up melting off of her face. Tears washed away the eye liner from its original position and created a river of black down her cheek.

The performance was amazing. Every move was perfectly executed. She was the star in a theatrical production watched by an audience of thousands. Yet here she sat, grieving her crumbling life. He was everything but played her like nothing. She was a fool.

What better way to end the show than with the suicide of a scorned lover. The audience would love that! She opened her laptop and fixed the webcam. Now, she was live in front of her audience. She thanked them all for their unsolicited attention over the last few months.

Then she gave proper accolades to her leading man, "Jason, you were so good to befriend the new girl and lure her to fall in love with you. Your videos of those intimate moments are amazing. Maybe one day you and all of your minions will be famous but my time is done here. Thank you Canter High School for being such a loyal audience! Break a leg!"

The gun shot rang through the house. Footsteps sped down the hall. The door opened a mother's inconsolable screams.