Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Twitter Baby Steps

10 Twitter Baby Steps

1. Join Twitter (Be brave; you know you wanna!)

2. To tweet; look for the square with a feather sticking out of it. Push it! Now, type no more than 140 characters. (This goes quick! It will teach ya to be a lot less winded...)

3. Now try the magnifying glass...this allows you to search for people or favorite tv shows, radio peeps, sasquatch, the list of tweeters is endless! (Follow me @janagrissom!)

4. Start slow... follow 10 to 20 people until you start to get comfortable sending tweets. If you get stuck; hit the back arrow at the top left of your phone app.

5. Have manners - Say thank you when someone follows you.

6. If you like what someone tweets and a funny or complimentary comment comes to mind; hit the arrow below the tweet on the left side. This is the reply icon. Now write the best 140 characters and tweet. REMEMBER: This is a social network! Be social.

7. RT means re-tweet. If someone writes this on their tweet, then they want you to hit that little square arrow icon at the bottom of their tweet. Then you choose retweet for it to repost on your Twitter OR you can quote it, which allows your name to be the sender with the tweet attached.

8. The Star below a tweet means "favorite". This will file all your favorites on your main page for later reference. Plus others can see what you like. (I LIKE CHOCOLATE)

9. The house is home. This is where you can see what everyone you are following has to say. It only shows current tweets. If you want to see more of what someone said, just click on their face. Seriously, that will take you to their page. If you click the words; it just opens the tweet to full screen.

10. The @ icon is where you can see who has followed you and read any replies or tweets sent directly to you. This is where you can get social. Reply back, thank people, favorite stuff that makes you laugh or cry. These little tweets came from a real bird, you know! And everyone knows birds have feelings! Be a friend, make a friend!

Now, my little birds, it is time for you to fly! Spread your wings and go make some cool friends from all over the world! Tomorrow; 10 Twitter Toddler Steps... hashtags are your friend!


  1. What a simple and great Twitter post for newbies. Loved it!

  2. What a simple and great Twitter post for newbies. Loved it!