Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Birthday; Thank You Mom

Birthdays come and go. Each year we celebrate the arrival of life. In our celebration, we tend to forget about the mother. How do you think this child arrived alive and well?

A mother sacrifices from the moment of conception. Beginning with hormonal and physical changes, mothers spend nine months carefully selecting foods that are healthy and taking vitamins to ensure proper nutrition for their growing child. The day of arrival, the new mommy suffers extreme pain that ends with a happy cry as she looks into the eyes of her precious child. She disregards all of the previous pains because of the instant love that forms upon holding her baby.

Toddler years are challenging, but moms look at that tiny genius and fall in love with every sound and mess they make. School years begin, mommies join the PTA and attend every event with their extremely talented child. Adolescent years too quickly arrive, challenging the mother's love as they roll their eyes and find their voice. A mother's heart is hurt over and over but she never stops loving her child. High school graduation miraculously occurs. Moms sit side by side, watching proudly as their child crosses the stage and enters a new chapter in life.

College or not, mothers struggle with letting their child go. They are no longer living in their mother's  arms. The child is independent and finding their own way in life; learning to fly. Moms proudly stand by, ready to catch them if they fall. All this time, the child doesn't see their presence or support. They take for granted the undying love given freely without compensation. Mothers give and give without expecting anything in return.

One day, their child marries and grandchildren arrive. The cycle that began with one beautiful baby continues. That mother is now a grandmother and will never regret all of the sacrifices and pain. She will do her best to provide her children and grandchildren with the best life possible as she puts her desires to the side. Each year, she will celebrate their grand entry to this world without expecting any acknowledgement for her contribution to this life. She will smile and sing, bearing gifts once again. Will this child ever realize she has already given you everything?

On your next birthday, thank your Mom for all she had done and will continue doing to make sure you, her precious child, learns to fly.

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