Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who are you?


The state of remaining the same.

Who are you?

Not such an easy question. As I contemplate who I am, I realize that many parts continue to change as I age. Then I begin to wonder if there is any part deep inside of me that remains the same. Looking back into my childhood through adulthood, I have always loved to sing, teach, and write. I would always talk to anyone about anything. Naive to the point of injury. I loved deeply and felt every pain those around me suffered from. Giving comes naturally. I always search for the easy way and love to learn something new. I abhor bullying and violence. I am intrigued by the unseen.

None of these things are outward characteristics  Our hair changes, our bodies change (O MY!), our finances change, our careers change, everything on the exterior changes throughout time. What remains the same is what is on the inside. That is who we are! Stop looking at the magazine photos and seeking fame to find who you want to be! Look inside and review who you truly are. You just might like you!

*Remember; if you can change it, then it is not who you are! For example: I can change my weight but I cannot change that I LOVE chocolate. I can change my feelings but I cannot change that I feel the pain of those around me. I can change my career but I cannot change my love of writing.

Change what you can and cherish who you are!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I felt like I was reading about myself. I too share a lot of these personality traits and have always had them. I like your way of looking at it, if you can change it, it's not really who you are. Interesting. :)