Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Forever Love

A set of twelve year old, bouncy girls ran across the churchyard. They stopped when their friend, David, arrived. The two girls, Jana and Sarah, waited for him to get out of his car and come join them in their usual game of tag in front of the church. David hopped out and was joined by a friend, Roy. A new boy definitely caught the attention of both girls. They watched and giggled as he followed David up to meet them.
"This is Roy," David stated as he slapped Jana on the arm, "You're it!"
The usual game of tag proceeded. As Jana chased Roy, she realized that he was much too fast. She chose an easier target and tagged her friend, Sarah. The game was interrupted when the pastor's kids walked up with a rope. The older boys made the younger boys run and took turns roping them. Jana and Sarah leaned against the white brick exterior wall of the church and watched the rodeo.
Jana turned to Sarah, "I am going to marry him one day."
Sarah laughed, "Who?"
Jana raised her arm and pointed to the new boy, Roy, and smiled. She was smitten with a forever love.

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