Monday, March 18, 2013

Imaginative vs. Realist

Walking along the lakeside, my husband and I approach a set of chaotic tracks. Large animal paws indented the sand with claws protruding from the pads of the animal. Human footprints were intertwined in a manner that suggested something had gone terribly wrong. The two sets of prints diminished into lone animal tracks followed by drag marks leading away from the water's edge and into the tall grass. I turned to my husband with a horrified look, What do you think happened here?" He looked down for a moment and then pointed to a stick beside the mess, "Looks like a guy was playing fetch with his dog and probably used that stick right there." I sighed in relief, "I thought a mountain lion attacked that man and drug him away." My husband laughed and took my hand. We passed on by the tracks in the sand hoping that he was right.

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