Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Learning To Spell With A Fork

The cutest four year old, blond headed boy with big blue eyes was sitting in front of his mother. She had taught him all the letters in the alphabet and their sounds previously. Today, she was trying to teach him how to begin spelling words with the letters. The mom thought the word "eat" would be an easy start because he could hear the letter "E"; plus he loved food. She looked into his big blue eyes and asked, "What letter does "eat" start with? E,E,E,EEEEEE eat?"
The little boy put his finger on his chin and tapped it as he thought. The mom continued to sing out the word eat while emphasizing the letter "E". Finally, the boy jumped up and flung his finger in the air, "I know!"
The mom was ecstatic that she had such a genius as a son. She couldn't wait to hear his answer.
The little boy yelled, "A fork!"

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