Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Author Interview: Karina Gioertz

1. Who inspired you to complete your novel and publish? 

A while before I actually began to write The Final Descendants, I had this vague idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I was ready to tackle the daunting task of writing a series (something I've avoided until now because I'm not what you might call great with commitment...). Nevertheless,  I wanted my next project to span out over several books, five to be exact and I wanted to write for a younger audience than I had before. Along the way, I went back and forth with different angles and storylines before finally settling on the idea that I wanted to put a new spin on my all time favorite fairy tale - Cinderella.

Because this novel was pretty far out of my comfort zone, I struggled with doubts a lot along the way. Thankfully, my mom - and biggest fan - was there to constantly encourage me, as well as my best friend and fellow author, who was always ready to point out how much I was loving the story so it wouldn't matter if anyone else did or not. She was right. I wrote this book because it was in me to be written. And then I published it because, well,  it seemed like the next logical step :-)

2.What advice would you give to aspiring authors regarding the publishing and marketing process?

 I would start by saying, don't be afraid of it! It can seem overwhelming at times, but the self-publishing beast can be tamed pretty easily with just a little bit of practice. Also, I’m extremely shy so this was an important lesson for me to learn – Don’t be afraid to reach out to other authors through blogging or other networking sites. There is so much to do and figure out in this business when you’re going it on your own, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other Indie Authors  – Especially when most of those authors are so willing to share.

3. What would you tell authors to "Start Now" concerning social media? 

I would say you need to be two places - Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has been incredibly valuable to me in terms of networking and learning. I've gotten more support than I ever imagined from the other authors I've met through the different groups I'm in (have made some great friends this way, too!).  For marketing, Twitter is the way to go. I have yet to discover another outlet in which I can reach thousands of people in an instant without spending a penny on it. How do I know it works? Ask me how many books I have on my kindle compliments of a tweet that caught my eye! Or how many great articles I've read...or awesome blogs I've discovered! And that's just me as a consumer...

Thank you, Karina, for taking time to share your insight with other authors!  

 The Final Descendants

At fourteen, Bryze Brooks has no idea about her extraordinary ancestors. After her father's death, she had grown up far away from the family manor on Ratclif Circle and the secrets it held within its walls. But everything changes when a surprise phone call leads Bryze back to the house where she comes face to face with her astonishing past. Once there, she begins to discover that all is not what it seems. Fantastic tales begin to intertwine with her reality when a magic arbor leads her into a world she never even dreamed existed. From mesmerizing visits at enchanted Oak Cottage, to terrifying encounters with villainous beasts of the dark, Bryze finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime as she begins to understand her royal responsibilities and what it means to be among the final descendants.

The book is currently available on Amazon - http://amzn.com/B00E6ZZ1KO  and Smashwords -https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/341734

 Karina Gioertz

          Although Karina Gioertz has been writing for most of her life, it never quite registered with her as something out of the ordinary or worth pursuing, because it was so closely connected to who she was. It wasn't until she became a stay at home mom and finally took the time to write an entire book from beginning to end, that she understood what all of those ideas she had been jotting down all those years were really for. Since then, she has written several books, including Country Girls, Lucky In Love and Blood Bound.
            While writing and motherhood have become her main focus over the years, she also enjoys many other creative activities such as painting and photography. Most sunny days she can be found in her courtyard working feverishly at painting and refurbishing old furniture…that is, of course, only if it wasn't a suitable day to spend at the beach.

Karina resides in sunny Florida with her family and two dogs and can be contacted via Facebook or Twitter.

To learn more about her work and upcoming projects visit her blog and website.

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