Saturday, June 22, 2013

Top Ten Adult Twitter Steps

Top Ten Adult Twitter Steps

1. Don't neglect Twitter! You think you are all grown up and have other things to do but NO; you cannot ignore your nest or it will be taken over by vultures!!!

2. Try Hootsuite! This will help organize all of your online social media which will help make TIME for Twitter! YAY!

3. Keep following back! I cannot say it enough... You are never too big to stop following back real people. Even Justin Bieber should follow back! Imagine how ecstatic all of those teen followers would be after a simple follow from Bieber?! Think about the influence he could have on such impressionable kids' self-esteem!

4. BEWARE of DM's that say "funny pic of you" or "nasty blog about you" etc. It is a lie to get you to open the link for a virus! Don't do it!

5. Start attaching pics or videos to your Tweets. People love to SEE... We are all window shoppers at heart!

6. Smile when typing your Tweet. This will make you feel better and sound a lot nicer! Try it...

7. RT - Be a pal! If you see a request for a retweet and you think it is interesting, then, by all means, RETWEET it! It will make you feel like you did your good deed for the day, and it will make the lucky bird happy!

8. Don't Tweet at the table. (I had to learn this one the hard way when my family, including my 2 teens, manhandled me to take my phone one evening. Twitter Intervention LOL) For goodness sake, Twitter can wait while you spend real time with your family and friends talking face-to-face without constant interruption from your social media. Seriously, get a life or save the one you have in the real world. What good is 10,000 friends on Twitter if you neglect the ones you have in person?

9. The best time to Tweet is 5pm!

10. Lighten up and have fun! Life doesn't have to be serious all of the time. Learn to fly!

You are an adult bird now. You should be able to take care of yourself and help others around you. I am so proud of the bird you have become. Next week, I will post the Top Ten Senior Citizen Twitter Steps! hmmm curious? Watch out for the cat!

Have a lovely week!

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