Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top 10 "I already know it all!" Twitter Teen Steps

Top 10 "I already know it all!" Twitter Teen Steps

1. Follow Back! (Authors should NEVER think they are so big that they don't need to follow back. Who wants to buy a book from someone who is stuck on themselves?)

2. Twitters Golden Rule: Tweet as you would want to be tweeted. (Nuff said)

3. Don't tweet constant advertisements...
Buy my book.
Buy my book.
Buy my book.
Oh, did I say BUY MY BOOK? (Seriously: 1P2K comes out this fall!!! Check out my links on the side bar! ...sorry couldn't resist plugging mine lol)

Seriously? Twitter is not a place for constant harassment to buy your book! We all have ulterior motives to promote ourselves and we all want to be famous, successful artists but this is NOT how you do it. If I run across someone who only posts sales adds for themselves, I fly away and you will miss me! Don't say I didn't warn you!

4. Unfollowers are evil. Okay, maybe not evil but at minimum RUDE. I have the Follow Tool App on my IPhone which allows me to see who unfollowed me and I repay the favor. :) Don't think I didn't notice your little flight off to never never land!

5. Angry Birds need to stay inside the game app where you can catapult them AWAY. It is no fun to run across mean, angry birds who are insulting or griping about others. Be nice birdies or change apps!

6. Grammar Rules for Twitter: Ain't nun cuz we only get 140 characterz woohoo!!! Up2U 2read thru the lines!

7. Stalkers love Twitter! hehe I know firsthand. This is the only world where stalking is absolutely permitted! Have fun and stalk on!!!

8. Don't worry, be happy! We need more happy, free spirited tweets! Be random; tweet what you think.

9. No one cares what you ate!

10. Don't be a user! I know you have goals and want to find someone who will grab your hand and lead you to success. (If you find someone please DM me their @twitter) Anyways, we are here to meet cool birds and hang out among the trees. Don't harass or hit up people, like agents or publishers, for help in being the next star! They are people too and just want to have fun meeting people. Maybe they will actually like you (if you aren't constantly begging) and decide to extend their hand or wing... Check your motives at the door!

Mature Tweeters know how to relax, have FUN, and socialize versus being rude, demanding, tweet to tweet salesmen! Once you advance passed this adolescent Twitter stage, you are ready for 10 Adult Twitter Steps! Check back next Wednesday for my next top 10!

You will always be MY baby Twitterers no matter how much you grow.

Tweet On my (sniff sniff) grown up birdies. 

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