Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Readers actually get to choose the ending!

One Prince, Two Kingdoms is not your average read. Most novels take you on a journey through exciting twists and turns, ending with the author’s choice of resolution. Not this time! 1P2K takes you on a journey with Johnny, a teen stuck in foster care, as he learns that he is the prince of the spirit world. Catch is, he has a choice to make, rule over the Kingdom of Light or Kingdom of Darkness?

Author Jana Grissom did not want to force readers to follow Johnny on one path because as she says, “Everyone chooses their unique path through life. So, why not allow them that same choice for Johnny?” Readers actually get to choose the ending! How is this possible? One Prince, Two Kingdoms leads the reader to the point where Johnny must make a choice. Then, the reader takes a Citizen Quiz to find out which kingdom they belong to. Finally, the quiz sends the prince and all citizens to their kingdom. Two sequels will be released for readers to continue following Johnny as The Prince of Light or The Prince of Darkness.

So, join Johnny on the ride of a lifetime where you are the one in the driver’s seat! #1P2K

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