Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Brutal Truth

Publishing is not easy!

First, you write a book.

Easy enough, right? Sure...

Then you are overwhelmed with excitement when a publisher wants to produce your manuscript! Just like when The Little Mermaid steps on land for the first time, spinning and singing for joy. Little does she know there is a lot more coming in her new, wonderful world. Editing is not just correcting grammar! There is plot holes, passive writing to overcome, maintaining voice in the correct tense, and staying in first person. Of course, all of this sounds elementary. We learned it in grade school! But try perfecting 65,000 words without error. It can make a normal middle school teacher/mother of 2 teens INSANE!!! (Yes, I am normally normal...)

Then you start having panic attacks. Yes, panic attacks. You worry about your story, your grammar, your HAIR!

Everything feels so out of control. 

So, you wanna quit. Give up. There's plenty of authors and plenty of amazing books. Plus some are nice enough to tell you that your manuscript probably should just stay on your shelf. Then others encourage and support you with advice. Lots of advice. So, you start trying to do everything everyone suggests because they are successful and awesome! Overload, meltdown, lots of smoke coming out of my ears now.

 So, what do you do? Give up? Is it hopeless to keep doing the best doggy paddle you know how in this massive sea of amazing authors with impeccable novels?

Thats when it happened. I am different. My story is the only one like it in the world. My heart is in this. Not for the fame or tons of money, but for the teens I hope read One Prince, Two Kingdoms. If I could give away every copy and help one kid change their life, then all of this is worth it!

I am scared but determined.
I feel so inferior but I know my message needs to be spread.
I am excited and hopeful to make this the best experience of my life and all who I have the honor of meeting!

To every teen who feels worthless, afraid, hopeless I say to you... You are not alone! Hold your head up. Be yourself. It does not matter what has happened in your past, where you are right now, or what happens tomorrow. Yes, it hurts and life is not fair but once you learn how powerful your choices are, you can change everything! You have the power to choose your destiny TODAY! Within in you is a strong, worthy individual who can change the world.

 Let's do this!

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