Thursday, March 28, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Science Lesson

7th Grade Science Class

We are learning about ecological succession. We started a project where our football field was abandoned and we have to draw the different stages of succession. To set the stage, I asked the kids what would make the community abandon our school. The boys answered quickly with zombie apocalypse. So, I went with it. Then my high thinking boys again asked, "Mrs. Grissom, if the area was abandoned because of zombies, then everything is infected, right?" I agreed and the follow up question was, "Then all of the species will be infected. So, can we draw zombie animals?"
I laughed and told them of course. They will remember succession because of a zombie analogy! Teachers; make it fun and they will learn!

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  1. Very interesting, and I do agree that this is how children learn. However, I'm not sure it will work for the Flights of Fancy museum artefacts workshop I am doing later this month :) (which is not to say that zombies won't make an appearance in any of the stories!)