Friday, March 22, 2013

Princess Syndrome

Princess Syndrome

Symptoms: Abnormally high sense of self, Heightened expectations of service, Decreased responsibility to care for self independently, Carries nose in an upright position, Expects others to take care of any undesirables, Interrupts, Rolls eyes, Stands with an abnormally straight stance of superiority, Voice projects over everyone, Opinions flare as facts, Unable to accept that they could possibly be wrong, follows current fashion trends that do not suit them or their environment, Hair bumped higher than Snooki's, Overly consumed with appearance, Mirrors in every environment, Refuses to accept the answer "No", Bitter look on face, Strange vocal projections, Orders others to complete tasks that they should complete, Expects satisfaction at all times, Self consumed, Prideful, Demeans others, Gossips, Reapplies make-up more than twice a day, Displays name brands, Only wants to date someone who is already taken, Believes they are extremely wealthy even if living in poverty or middle class, Thinks someone might steal them because they are so cute, and Extremely large, delicate ego. *These symptoms are not exhaustive; any unusually prideful, bratty actions should be considered.

Possible Causes: Genetic condition from birth, Childhood tantrums resulted in getting their way, Parents overly served and complimented them, Pageant participation at a young age, Cheer-leading for over four years, Too much attention, Peers complimented them one too many times, Psychological disorder

Prognosis: There is no known cure.

Natural Remedies: Take away all mirrors, Do not give in to any of their demands, Expect withdrawal symptoms of childish tantrums, crying, threats, and running away to last for one year up to ten years, Stay strong, Join a support group, Admit them to a PSA (Princess Syndrome Anonymous) program to begin a twelve step recovery process, Communicate with family, friends, and co-workers to explain this serious and possibly fatal syndrome along with the recommended remedies.

Current social research is in progress. Up to this point, there has not been a successful remission from all symptoms. To follow and donate to the current research contact: or call the emergency hotline: 1-800-SLAP HER

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