Monday, July 22, 2013

10 Ways to Fight With Your Friends and Stay Friends

10 Ways to Fight With Your Friends and Stay Friends

1. Quit Screaming

No one likes a big mouth. Immaturity screams and cusses; maturity discusses!

2. Remember the Good 

Something about them drew you into that friendship. It is still there although covered up with anger.

3. Put All Anger/Feelings Aside and Use Your Brain

Feelings are deceptive. Treat the situation as if you are a detective searching for the truth who isn't emotionally involved!

4. Find the Truth

Quit believing every piece of gossip you hear from your "friends". Adults and teenagers alike, we talk too much and exaggerate!

5. Talk to Your Friend, Not Everyone Else 

Whoever the conflict involves needs to have a face to face discussion. NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA


Text messaging can be misunderstood and cause hurt feelings when the author did not mean it to be negative. This happens to girls all the time (and guys), we think our friend is having attitude or being rude when in reality, they just ate dinner and wanted to stay home... LOL

7. Have a Heart

Friends are supposed to support each other even when their feelings got hurt. Put yourself in their shoes. Maybe their dog died and that is why they are lashing out at you?!

8. Get YOU Out of the Way

Sometimes people focus on themselves. Imagine that! Put yourSELF out of the way and look at the situation from both sides. Maybe, just maybe, you are wrong too.

9. Call Your Momma

Mom knows best. Why? Because she has "been there, done that"! Experience creates wisdom. So, obviously, your mom should be older than you and she is much wiser.

10. Sleep On It

The next morning you might wake up and laugh at your immaturity...

Watch my Twitter (@janagrissom) for more fighting tips! Remember: a true friend sticks closer than a brother and never leaves! 

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