Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Ideas For Summertime Fun With Teens

10 Ideas For Summertime Fun With Teens

1. Just add water! Teens love swimming at a pool, lake, or playing in the water sprinkler.

2. Air conditioning is cool! Go indoors for ice-skating, putt-putt, bowling, or walk the mall!

3. Action packed adventure; go-karts, Frisbee golf, or ride horses!

4. Nature; go to a state park and hike the trails or camp!

5. Movie marathon; rent a series and stay up all night enjoying popcorn, soda, and laughs! (or tears)

6. Oh shoot; Take them to an archery range and practice your sharp shooting!

7. Sleepovers never end up sleeping! Have the girls over (or guys) and plan one or two fun things. Then let them have fun and try to remain aside while supervising.

8. Theme Parks; Let your inner teen come out and ride a few roller coasters or water slides at the local theme park!

9. Road trip! Take the teens somewhere new. You don't have to go far just do a little research and you will be amazed at what you will find.

10. Build a fort! Go back in time and build a fort out of sheets and blankets full of pillows. They will love it (after the initial shock)

Have fun this summer! Your teen is growing fast and will soon be your young adult. Enjoy the time you have together! Next week I will be posting 10 Ways to Fight With Your Friends and Stay Friends. Remember to share this post!

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