Thursday, April 25, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Vincent


She begged me to stop. Honestly, I knew that I would never quit. This is my life and she came into my world. Now, she must choose; me or daddy.

The lights flashing, guns waving, and back-up arriving pushed me into a corner. I was not willing to stay trapped. So, like a boss, I took control of the situation with my nine. Before he knew what hit him, metal was between his eyes. My bro picked up the goods off of the back of my Benz and we rolled.

An hour later, my girl calls screaming. Her dad died and she needed me. Without thinking, I raced to her side and held her in my arms as she cried. I hated seeing her like this. Her moms told her the hospital needed them to come id the body. Of course, I went with her and held her up as she buckled at the sight of his disfigured face. The reality grasped me like a fist squeezing my heart. One day, she will find out who did this. Will she still love me?