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Blog Tour: Nonnie Jules

Meet the Characters of Daydream's Daughter, 

Nightmare's Friend

NONNIE JULES was born in Texas in the mid-70's, where she lived with her parents.  She was the youngest of 5 children.  Her family relocated to Shreveport, LA when she was a mere toddler, and it's been her home ever since.  She grew up loving books and everything about them.  She has traveled the world, jumped out of planes and climbed many mountains, all thanks to the wonderful world of literature.  She lives with her husband and two daughters on a very quiet strip of land in the country, where red dirt and pick-up trucks go hand and hand.  Her first published work is "THE GOOD MOMMIES' GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS", 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can't Help But Love! is doing very well, especially in paperback form. You are invited to check it out here on  (Feel free to view the trailer She continues to write from many genres and hopes to teach and touch minds and hearts alike with her very unique style of writing.  She loves positive feedback on her writing.  Nonnie can be reached on Twitter @nonniejules and she invites you to follow her blog WATCH NONNIE WRITE

This is the first stop on her "MEET THE CHARACTERS OF DAYDREAM'S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE'S FRIEND" Blog Tour and you can follow the tour here at


Q: Hello Maiya, and welcome to A NOVEL REALITY!  I hope you're comfortable and if so, we'll get straight to our Q&A.  You're the main character of "DAYDREAM'S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE'S FRIEND" so can you give us a little background on the story, without giving anything away?
A:  Yes, "DAYDREAM'S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE'S FRIEND" is a story about a young girl who grows up in a very love-less home.  She suffers abuse at the hands of her mother and her stepfather on a daily basis.  The only relief she finds is when she visits her grandmother ("Dea")  on the weekends.  She's not close to any of her siblings at all, and that's because the mom has created a wedge between them.  She doesn't have anyone to talk to but her best friend Charlotte, and she really doesn't feel as if she can open up completely with Charlotte, because she's ashamed of the things that are happening to her and also, ashamed of some of the choices she has made.  

Q:  May I ask how old you are, Maiya?
A:  Oh sure, I'm 16

Q:  You are very mature for a 16 year old.  How did that happen?
A:  Thank you for saying that.  I really don't have much interaction with kids my age, as I just mentioned, not even with my own siblings.  I'm around adults mostly, so maybe that's where my maturity comes from.  I can't act like a child because I'm never around children therefore, I really don't know how they're supposed to behave. I relate on a higher level than they do.

Q Who are the adults that you spend so much time with?
A:  There's my grandma Dea, who is the love of my life!  She has lots of grandchildren, but I'm her favorite.  We spend a lot of time together on the weekends, and we're so much alike.  She can get really mad when she thinks that someone is hurting or wronging me.  It's like she turns into a grandma-monster (smile) if there is such a thing.  She dotes on me and always tells me how special I am.  I don't know what I'd do without her.  Then there's my Godmother G-Anne.  She doesn't have any kids of her own so I'm it for her.  She acts like my mom and she acts the way a loving mom should act.  I love spending time with her and at her house because it's so nice.  It's like a mini-mansion and I have my own room and everything!  This is a big deal to me because I share one bedroom with all my siblings (except for the ones who choose to sleep in the living room on the sofas or making a pallet on the floor).

Q:  You've mentioned your siblings a couple of times, how many do you have?  What are their names and their ages?
A:  I have a total of six.  Rainy (17) is the oldest in the house, then there's Marcus (15), Priscilla (14), Sean (13), Anthony (11) and Christopher (9).

Q:  Wow, you guys are like a step ladder!  You're all so very close in age. Your mom really likes kids, doesn't she?
A:  No, I think it was more that my mom really liked sex.

Q:  Well OK  (laughs uncomfortably).  What would your mom say if she heard you say that about her?
A:  I really don't care what she would say.  We don't even talk.  I don't think she likes me much.  Let me re-phrase that, SHE DOESN'T LIKE ME AT ALL!

Q Maiya, that's not something you hear a child say about their own mother very often. Why do you feel as if she doesn't like you?
A:  I don't feel it, I KNOW IT.  There's no way that you can treat someone the way she treats me and have them feel as if you LIKE them.  Although I'm not yet an adult, I'm smart enough to know these things.  I trust my feelings a whole lot.

Q Can you tell us what's special about you?  Why would the readers want to know more about you?
A:  I'm a very special person and the thing that's truly special about me, is the fact that I'm strong and I'm resilient.  I have to endure so much at the hands of those who are supposed to love, care for and protect me, yet they're the ones abusing me.  I think that readers will want to follow my story to see how it ends.  They'll want to know if I came out on top or if I let the horrible things that hurt me, define me and turn me into a monster, just like the people who hurt me.

Q:  Well Maiya, we have certainly enjoyed chatting with you and do look forward to following your story.  Are there any last comments you'd like to leave for our readers?
A:  I'd like to thank you all for this opportunity and to the readers who might be my age and going through something similar as me, I would say to you, keep your head up, and even though someone is beating you down, keep getting up until your legs and your back are so strong that no one will ever be able to keep you down for long.  That's it.

Interviewer:  "DAYDREAM'S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE'S FRIEND", after having two release dates that were put off, will finally be released on Amazon October 31, 2013.  That's Halloween and some will find this a pretty horrific story to tie-in with the occasion.  You can view the trailer here at and read an excerpt from the book here

Thank all of you who stopped by to meet these characters!

Nonnie Jules, Author
"...and her words breathe life onto paper"


  1. Thanks so much, Jana for having Maiya over today. I hope she was well-behaved and all. You did a great job here! I hope everyone leaves their comments and questions for Maiya, because she so loves engaging with adults!

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  4. Thank you, Nonnie, for letting her visit! Maiya was perfect!