Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Review: Gateway to Reality

Title: Gateway to Reality
Author: Becca J. Campbell
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Romance
Pages: 234

Rating: Just Right, 4 stars!
Recommendation: It is a good read, worth your time!  

The main character, Wes Teague, must face a major dilemma; remain living in a dream or accept his true reality. At the height of the conflict is the beautiful Emily.  In his dreams, she is his girlfriend but in reality she doesn’t recognize him. Author, Becca Campbell, leads you straight into conflicting realities where Wes must make a choice that will change everything.

The first chapter was interesting but took a little effort to get involved. Beyond the second chapter, the speed increased and I could not stop reading until I knew what choices Wes would make and what the consequences would be. At moments, I found myself skimming through details explaining the logistics. Romance between the main characters was strained in both realities. Otherwise, the story continued to keep my attention as it built an intriguing world within a chaotic reality.

I am definitely in the FAN ZONE! I will be ready for the next book in this series.

You can find the author, Becca Campbell, at:

Too Hot -- Borders on erotic. Very graphic sex.
HOT -- Ranges from conventional lovemaking to explicit sex.
Just Right -- May or may not include lovemaking. No explicit sex.
Too Cold - No romance

5: Marvelous, I will read it again and again!
4: Fan Zone
3: Comfort Zone
2: Safe Zone  
1: Work Zone
0: Disaster Zone