Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A to Z: Character Creations; Zelena


Running through the trees, she was on his heels. Nothing was going to prevent her from stopping him dead in his tracks. She drew in a deep breath and forced the wind against his back. The sudden impact caused him to stumble. That was all she needed, a delay to give her the advantage. Zelena put one foot up on a boulder to raise her body into the air. With all of her strength, she catapulted between two large trees and landed directly on his strong, muscular shoulders. He fell face first to the ground. She drew her sword.

"You win, now get off me!"

Zelena smirked, "Say it out loud!"

He grunted.

"Not acceptable, I couldn't hear you!"

"Zelena is the best fighter amongst the warriors."

She lifted her weight off of him. He pushed himself up and looked at her, "Now, will you please give me my sword back?"

Zelena chuckled and sprinted away.


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