Monday, April 8, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Fred


At first, today was a normal day. Fred picked the kids up and asked them how school went. Then he took them to the local community park for some fun before homework and dinner. He was pushing the oldest on the swing while simultaneously watching the younger two play in the sand box.

His phone rang.

He looked away for a moment to see who was calling. The swing creaked with each rise and fall. Children laughed and screamed from all directions. Fred looked back to the sand box and visually located the middle child but the youngest was not there. Refusing to panic, Fred looked around for his stray child while continuing to calmly swing the oldest.

 With each passing second, Fred's heart rate increased. He quit pushing the swing and spun around in all directions; calling out, "Jennifer!" He asked the oldest if she knew where her sister, Jennifer, was. Anxiety pushed him to begin questioning every nearby mom and child while pulling his two remaining kids alongside. A fellow PTA mom noticed the hysterical father and offered assistance.

 "She was right here! I just looked away for literally one second!"

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