Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A to Z Challenge: Character Creations; Isabelle


In order to face the truth, I have to accept a lie. It is impossible to be something that you are not. I am an athlete. Nothing will ever change that.

They walk around me all day saying, "Poor girl. She was so talented. How did she survive?" Trust me, if I could scream right now, I would. My Mom is the only one who understands. Her presence soothes me. When she is here, I know everything will be fine.

I am not sure why I can't wake up. My thoughts desire true consciousness but my body will not cooperate. I lie here and run through my routine; perfecting every tumble and pass so that next time, there will be no mistakes.


  1. Interesting - I expected paralysis, not a comma. Nicely misdirected.

  2. nice read, and I thought it was a coma

    Chontali Kirk